Lo-fi Juxtaposition

As an experiment, I wanted to take the original Juxtaposition creations and create “lo-fi” versions. Then I chunked it up with some huge pixels by saving the large file as a tiny png with a limited color pallet and a pattern dither: Finally, I created halftones for the chunky pixel version. To keep with the… Continue reading Lo-fi Juxtaposition


Over the weekend, I started a few new pieces that I think could turn into a series. I’m playing with CMYK halftones and stippling textures applied to AI-generated images.  A surreal collage that combines a black and white photographic portrait of a woman seen from the back with a vibrant, colorful display of flowers in… Continue reading Juxtaposition


I love cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This project explores using individual drawings as color layers. Each piece comprises four hand-made black and white drawings representing cyan, magenta, yellow, or black process colors. The layers create purples with magenta and cyan, greens with yellow and cyan, and reds with magenta and yellow when layered on… Continue reading I ❤️ CMYK

Collage, Photocopy, Ink

I’m enjoying making these new pieces. I’ve been going through many test photocopies while playing with distortions. Rather than using the clippings and mounting them to a board and connecting them, I layered patterns on the photocopier bed itself. Then, with the resulting copy, I joined the different designs with pen and ink. When working… Continue reading Collage, Photocopy, Ink


Echos is my most recent collection on Objkt. It takes hints from other projects, like Late Night Sketches, and adds repetition. The repetition is used sparingly, with a 1/150 chance to replicate over an arc, growing in size as the loop progresses. The base images used to build each mint are some I’ve used before,… Continue reading Echos

Vivid Bytes

I started a new collection today on Objkt called Vivid Bytes. I’m reworking some code I made as an experiment over a year ago into a fxhash project. I really liked the look of the outputs from that experiment and have been thinking of freshening it up for a while. I also found another AI… Continue reading Vivid Bytes

Pattern Tiles

I started working on a new p5js sketch this week to make seamless background patterns. I started with an underlying grid and walked over each of those cells, adding a piece to this worm-like pattern. Some will continue on to the next cell. Others will terminate and start a new part of the pattern. I… Continue reading Pattern Tiles


I started working on a new series of drawings. Most are ink drawings with tightly packed lines. Creating these drawings is mesmerizing, working out from one point until the page is filled.