Deep Dream Generators


I’ve been trying to find time to look into Deep Dream generators. Deep Dream is another way to create generative art. Instead of using code to create generative art, the artist uses a neural network to take an input image and a style image to create the output image, sort of like choosing what type of brush to use for a painting. r/deepdream (Dreaming Neural Nets) is one of my favorites subreddits and one I am constantly blown away with by the images that the artists produce.

The Deep Dream Generator was a tool I found for creating these output images. You can upload your own style image or use one they provide, wait about a minute, and the neural network will return your styled image. I gave it a try with two images from my automatic drawings to test the output.

Another site I found is Ostagram, which also takes an input and style image and generates a deep dream image. The results are quite different than the ones from the Deep Dream Generator and still interesting.