Isometric Botanical

Here’s another experiment using an image for the placement and color of isometric shapes. For the sources I used some images from Botanical section of Artvee, a public domain image repository. Using a technique based on Coding Train’s Coding Challenge #49: Photo Mosaic with White House Social Media Images, the source image is shrunken down… Continue reading Isometric Botanical

Cubic Grid

I’m continuing to use the same Isometric class and have been improving for the last few weeks. I wanted to see if I could build an isometric cube of cubes and see how I could manipulate it with translation, rotation, and scale. First thing was to figure out the placement for each isometric object. I… Continue reading Cubic Grid

Even more isometric experiments

I’ve been working on some improvements to the isometric generator I posted about before. I want to make it more customizable. Rather than always having all cardinal directions available to draw towards I can now limit to a portion of the directions (like just draw in NW, NE, and S). Now the outputs have lots… Continue reading Even more isometric experiments

More Isometric Generations

I spent some more time working on the isometric generator I started earlier this week. There were a few bugs in the original generator and I wanted to see if I could make the system more flexible. By changing the number, size and length of each iteration I could start to get lots of variation.