Insane Squiggle Machine Rerevisited

Recently I’ve been looking back at some of my p5.js sketches and seeing if any of them would be a good fit for a generative token. “Insane Squiggle Machine” has been a project I’ve come back to repeatedly, adding more sets of elements to the sketch.

Since these generations are image-based, they take a long time to render, usually a minute or more. While they might not be the best candidate for a generative token on fxhash, they work as individual images minted on Objkt takes individual files to mint rather than a whole javascript project and is on the identical Tezos blockchain as Fxhash.

Depending on what sets of images are used and the pallet that is used these generations have wildly different results. Some are bubbly and some are brooding.

More to come. The NFT bug has bitten me!