Fast Food Wall Art Simulation

Fast Food Wall Art Simulation is live on fxhash!

I’ve been working on a new sketch for about a week now and feel it’s complete. Like many others in the past, I started with hand-drawn elements. I ultimately wanted all the shapes to layer on top of each other, so I went with circles of various line thicknesses.

I ended up with ~80 separate circles to use in the p5.js sketch

I placed each image in a different hidden canvas and read its pixel values to approximate the texture of the circles. Technically that makes this an Image composition, but the images are never shown on the canvas. Those pixel values were then used to draw the circles onto the canvas according to a grid.

I played around with different ways the circles could be overlapped. Differing opacity, blend modes, and pixel skipping were used to create some interesting textures.

A zoomed example of the textures created from overlapping circles.

In my testing, many of the renders, especially the more earth-tone ones, reminded me of art used in fast food restaurants in the 90s when I was growing up.