Unfamiliar Directions

For the #fxhashturnsone event, I resurrected a grid walker I had worked on over a year ago. I wanted to create a project that would hint at circuits and computer chips.

Unfamiliar Directions is available on fxhash.

Underneath each render is a square grid of equal columns and rows. The lower the column and rows, the more simplistic the renders get. After testing, it seemed somewhere between 15 and 30 columns, and rows made the best starting point. Each grid cell has a “used” or “unused” status, and paths will only go from cell to cell on the grid if unused. There’s a loop that will look for a point in the grid, and then if there are more than two available grid cells, a circuit will be drawn.

In addition to the single circuits, chips are drawn to the grid. They follow the same rules of the “used” status of cells. For each chip, there is a chance for a circuit to begin from any of the exterior cells of the chip area.