Scattered Pathways

Scattered Pathways #13

Scattered Pathways studies pathfinding on a grid. The grid can have one of two modes for each grid cell: a fill or a path.

For the path, I run checks for north, east, west, and south cells to see if one is available. This check continues until the path can no longer find an available cell.

For the fill, various shapes and patterns can be used. The fill has a slight chance of generating a large cell encompassing many cells at once. The fill can be a solid color or one of several patterns: dot, triangle, X, two arcs, plus, target, squares, spikes, Zelda blocks, corner arc, or dice.

At the time of this writing, quite a few unique editions of this project are left on fxhash. I started with an edition of 444 at ęś©2 each.