Echos No. 88 on Objkt

Echos is my most recent collection on Objkt. It takes hints from other projects, like Late Night Sketches, and adds repetition. The repetition is used sparingly, with a 1/150 chance to replicate over an arc, growing in size as the loop progresses. The base images used to build each mint are some I’ve used before, some that are brand new for this project.

The new set of assets I made for Echos

My Echos collection consists of 100 unique pieces, all 8×10″ at 300 dpi. I left a window in Chrome open while each iteration of the sketch was completed. Then I put a timer to refresh the page and left it running for a while. I curated 100 out of ~300 generated instances of Echos.

These and others are listed on Objkt, 1 of 1s @ 9 each. Here are a few that got minted: