Back to the Insane Quiggle Machine

A couple of years ago I created a tool called “The Insane Quiggle Machine“, which was an effort to create generative art from doodles using CSS / HTML / JS. I ended up producing a coloring book with the images that this system generated. Looking back now if I’d known about Processing I would have… Continue reading Back to the Insane Quiggle Machine

Jumping into p5.js

After muddling my way through learning Processing River the past few weeks I have started working with p5.js. Most of the same concepts transfer over to p5.js and I feel a bit more comfortable writing Javascript than Java. Here are a few things I messed around with last night. I started working out a vertical wave… Continue reading Jumping into p5.js

More messing around with gradients in Processing

I started playing around again with different ways to make a gradient in Processing other than a linear gradient. I started with this shape and by duplicating the shape. By adjusting the position with translate I can get gradients like below. These are pretty fun to run and see what slight tweaks in the number… Continue reading More messing around with gradients in Processing

Cyber Petri Dish

The gradient experiment led me down an interesting path. I posted these to Discord and they got the label “Cyber Petri Dish”. I can go with that. The way the lines of the gradient start making Moiré Patterns when they are rotated slightly is very interesting.

Arcs and CMYK

I started working on these CMYK moiré patterned sketches in Processing over the weekend. Not sure where to go with this but the layering of the colors and the different spreads of arcs creates interesting patterns.

Getting into Generative Art via Processing

Lately, I started getting into Generative art. The idea that I can use code to generate artwork appeals to me. I’ve only got into working in Processing, a language for generative art (Java-based), for about two weeks now and already I can see its possibilities. At first, I just tried to get the basics down.… Continue reading Getting into Generative Art via Processing

Hour of code

Wow, it’s been a while! Yesterday I got the opportunity to participate in Hour of Code, a global program that tries to get kids learning what code is and how it’s used every day. Thanks to @NateNolting and @PaulBunyanComm for supporting @ISD31Bemidji today during the #hourofcode #anybodycanlearn #gigazone — Dana Woods (@woodsdana) December 5, 2018… Continue reading Hour of code